SMG SCUBA Club nights at TSC


All divers are welcome to attend


  • use the pool for a practice
  • Try out some new equipment
  • take part in workshops to develop skills and knowledge
  • meet other divers
  • learn about exciting new courses, trips and events
  • DSD courses offered on selected Club Nights

1900-2100: pool session

2130-1030: Pub (Hilden Manor. Click here for directions)

Club Night 5th Jan 2018 £20
Club Night 9th Feb 2018 £20
Club Night 23rd Mar 2018 £20
Club Night 13th Apr 2018 £20
Club Night 25th May 2018 £20
Club Night 1st Jun 2018 £20
Club Night 2nd Jun 2018 (1400-1700) £20
Club Night 6th Jul 2018 £20

NB. Prior to scuba diving all participants must complete the PADI medical statement. This document is designed to identify any medical issues that may compromise the participants safety. If any YES answers appear on the medical form, students must have their GP sign page 2 of the document declaring fitness to dive.

Click here to view PADI Medical Form


Additional forms to be completed prior to attending a club night pool session:

Certified Diver Liability Release

Safe Diving practices

Liabilityy release (uncertified divers)


Instructors will be present in water for supervision. Customers who have completed the PADI Open Water referal course but have not yet completed the Open Water certification are also welcome. If you have not dived within the last 6 months it is required that you complete a refresher course first.



For more information, contact Simon at

To book contact Tonbridge School Centre on 01732 304111

Club Night Divers