The Discover scuba diving programme is designed as an introduction to full PADI courses.


The course starts with a brief introduction to scuba diving theory and basic safety concepts followed by an orientation to the equipment students will be using.

The dive is all about having a fun and safe introduction to scuba. After a practice at operating equipment and practicing breathing techniques participants get to scuba dive under close supervision from their instructor

  • Duration: 1hr 30 mins
  • Age: 10+
  • Timings: Varies (see below for course details)
  • Cost: £32



Please note. Prior to taking part in the course all
participants must complete the PADI Discover Scuba Diving statement.
Both participant and parent/guardian (if
U18) must sign the form. If any YES answers appear on the medical
questionnaire, then the student must visit their GP and have page 2 of
the full PADI medical signed declaring fitness to

Discover Scuba Diving 6th Jan 2024 1530-1700 £32  
Discover Scuba Diving 27th Jan 2024 1530-1700 £32  
Discover Scuba Diving 17th Feb 2024 1200-1330 £32  
Discover Scuba Diving 23rd Mar 2024 1530-1700 £32  
Discover Scuba Diving 13th Apr 2024 1230-1400 £32  



For more information, contact Simon at

To book contact Tonbridge School Centre on 01732 304111