The Scuba refresher course is designed as a skills review for the qualified diver.

We recommend that if you have not dived for 6 months then it is important to refresh your dive skills in a confined awater environment before diving in Open Water.

Whether you are a qualified diver that has not dived or a while, a qualified diver who has become an inactive diver or a diver just about to go on a holiday and want a practice before you go. This is the course for you!

  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Pre requisite: PADI Scuba diver/PADI Open Water diver
  • Age: 10 yrs plus
  • Timings: Varies (see course information below)
  • Cost: £60
Refresher Course 3rd Jan 2020 1900-2100 £60
Refresher Course 14th Feb 2020


Refresher Course 13th Mar 2020 1830-2100 £60
Refresher Course 22nd May 2020 1830-2100 £60
Refresher Course 12th Jun 2020 1830-2100 £60
Refresher Course 10th Jul 2020 1830-2100 £60


NB. Prior to the Open Water referral course all participants must complete the PADI medical statement. This document is designed to identify any medical issues that may compromise the participants safety. If any YES answers appear on the medical form, students must have their GP sign page 2 of the document declaring fitness to dive.

Click here to view PADI Medical Form


Additional forms to be completed prior to start of the course:

Certified divers Liability Release

Safe Diving practices

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TO BOOK call TSC on 01732 304111