SMG SCUBA club is a club run by divers for divers.

As well as offering quality diver training we also see the imortance of gaining diving experiences both here in the UK and  abroad. Gaining a variety of experiences as well as taking part in continued training makes great divers.


SMG SCUBA club is a dive club for divers of all levels. We aim to advise on the type of diving experiences that are suitable for your current level and assist you in developing your training and experience to take part in future great diving experiences with us

About UK Dive Trips

The UK offers some incredible diving. Many people who learn to dive, wrongly assume that the only places to go and dive are the warm, tropical waters of exotic holiday destinations. We are blessed in the UK with some phenomenal dive sites and they are right on your door step! With diverse marine life, an abundance of wrecks and rich encounters with seals and Basking sharks. There is some truly phenomenal diving on offer.

SMG SCUBA runs an all inclusive dive club. We appreciate that divers with little experience require more support so we are on hand to advise you on the diving that is suitable for your level and suggest methods of gaining experience and training to participate in dives which are a little more challenging.

SMG SCUBA offers diving experiences for all levels. To facilitate this, we separate the diving into 3 main categories: Level 1, level 2 and level 3


PADI specialty courses will also be available on UK club trips




For divers that are OW certified and for any certified diver who has not yet had any UK experience

These include all our shallow lake dives and shallow shore dives. These are for divers that are OW certified and for any certified diver who has not yet had any UK experience. It starts with gaining colder water experience in a consistent lake environment. We have organise club trips to Wraysbury Lake in West London as well as providing equipment hire for buddies to get some practice during all of our Open water training weekends. The next step is progressing to UK shore dives where divers can experience the diversity of UK marine life and the sea environment under the watchful eye of one of our experienced professionals.





For Advanced Open water certified or higher with UK sea diving experience.

This is introduction to UK Rib diving in preparation for more advanced dive trips. To experience the very best of UK diving, it involves diving from Ribs and hard boats. Different techniques apply to this type of diving and divers can gain this experience through organised shallow rib dives. Level 2 trips will also include dives at the deeper lakes of Stoney Cove, Vobster key and Chepstow for AOW certified divers with any previous UK experience



Chepstow 28th-29th March 2015 contact for details


For Advanced open water or higher with previous UK Rib diving experience.

These trips will include all other Sea dives when diving from Ribs or hard boats. These will also include all Sea dives deeper than 15m. For UK sea dives deeper than 25M, we recommend gaining your PADI Deep diver certification.

Pembrokeshire 5th-6th September 2015 contact for details
West Coast Ireland 2nd-5th October 2015 contact for details

For more information email or call 07915604770