The Discover scuba diving programme is designed as an introduction to full PADI courses.


The course starts with a brief introduction to scuba diving theory and basic safety concepts followed by an orientation to the equipment students will be using.

The dive is all about having a fun and safe introduction to scuba. After a practice at operating equipment and practicing breathing techniques participants get to scuba dive under close supervision from their instructor

Age 11yrs +

Duration 1hr-1hr 30 mins

Cost  contact SMG Scuba for more information


Please note. Prior to taking part in the course all participants must complete the PADI Discover Scuba Diving statement. Both participant and parent/guardian (if U18) must sign the form. If any YES answers appear on the medical questionnaire, then the student must visit their GP and have page 2 of the full PADI medical signed declaring fitness to dive.

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To arrange for a consultaion, for more information or to book, please contact Simon at or call 07915604770