The PADI open water referral course is the first step to becoming a qualified PADI Open water diver.

The course is split into 2 sections:

  • Theory. Students study fom the PADI Open water diver manual. There are 5 study sections and knowledge reviews. Each section is accompanied by a DVD and students complete the theory element with a 50 question multiple choice final exam.


  • Confined Water. During the confined water section, students complete a Waterskills  assessment and 5 confined water dives. During the confined water dives, students practice skills in preparation for the Open water environment.


The PADI Open water referral course can be customed to suit each schools needs with regard to session times however the format of the course has 2 main options:


Option 1- Instructor led in classroom


Each theory section is conducted by the instructor in the classroom. Students are required to study the Open water manual and complete knowledge reviews in advance of the course. During the classroom sessions, students view the PADI DVD and material is reviewed and discussed in the classroom with the instructor.

This is a good option for younger students or where students have limited time to cover all the material independently


Age 11 yrs +

Duration 6 hours classroom/6 hours pool

Cost: contact SMG Scuba for details


Option 2 - Independant study


Students independently study the Open water manual, complete all knowledge reviews  and view all 5 sections of the PADI Open Water DVD in advance of the course. This is a good option for the older students who have a good capacity for independent study. This option reduces the need for extended classroom time so much of the course is conducted in the pool.


Age 11+

Duration 2 to 3 hours in the classroom/ 5 hours pool

Cost: Contact SMG Scuba for details



NB. Prior to the Open Water referral course all participants must complete the PADI medical statement. This document is designed to identify any medical issues that may compromise the participants safety. If any YES answers appear on the medical form, students must have their GP sign page 2 of the document declaring fitness to dive.

Click here to view PADI Medical Form


Additional forms to be completed prior to start of the course:

Liability release

Safe Diving practices





To arrange for a consultaion, for more information or to book, please contact Simon at  or call 07915604770